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CHANTELLE GOULEVITCH has been working in behaviour related fields since 2003.

With a passion for understanding the human condition and a profound respect for the impact of business, she is recognised for her ability to drive change and create positive business outcomes. She is a skilled communicator who is able to influence and negotiate in any situation.

Prior to founding Think Sideways, Chantelle contributed to the development of the world’s largest financial literacy program; She has worked on both leadership and executive teams of award winning businesses; and has trained with world class coaches & facilitators in leadership development and operational strategies. It is this culmination of skills and experiences which have shaped the principles and methods at Think Sideways.

Chantelle has also worked tirelessly to cultivated her artistic sensibilities which she applies directly to her work as a consultant for both businesses and actors. She completed 4 years of intensive acting training at a renowned studio in New York and continues to work in theatres as an actor, teacher and producer.  Chantelle is also the Co-Founder of the Lower East Side Shakespeare Company.