doing work together


Think Sideways is a behaviour change consulting agency that collaborates with clients who want to explore how internal and external behaviours are impacting their performance.


Our clients have a rich and complex understanding of their business and its' industry. They are experts in mastering the bold and nuanced details which allow them to excel. As such, we've developed a diverse and unique approach that fosters these points of difference.

Rather than conforming to a definitive process, we are guided by a framework and collection of tools. Our analytical acumen identifies causes over symptoms, revealing solutions that build momentum for sustainable change.


This results in:

  • Greater awareness

  • Increased engagement

  • Authentic communication

  • Improved accountability

The most useful solutions are self driven despite the pressure to conform to trends. Together with our clients, we make informed decisions based on the circumstances and core values of the company. This results in innovative outcomes beyond the demands of industry expectations.