~ Chantelle Goulevitch, Founder


Brush Stroke
Brush Stroke

Challenges should be satisfying.

Too often they are painful.

We can all do better than that.


At Think Sideways we recognise the importance of aligning our actions with our values. This drives strong relationships that produce rewarding collaborations. 


Intellectual Curiosity

Opportunities will continue to present themselves long after we’ve been distracted by struggle. We aim to stay curious in the midst of challenges and continue to search for a perspective that allows us to see the possibilities in both success and failure.

Commercial Integrity

Decisions rooted in both integrity and commercial viability advance a company’s opportunities without compromising its’ values.


Innovation is discovered in an environment free of fear-based thinking where intuition thrives.

Realistic Perspectives

Strategies are futile without understanding the practicalities of their execution. When constraints are understood they have the potential to nurture creativity, resulting in innovative solutions.


We believe that mutual satisfaction is essential to longevity. It produces joy, fosters the exploration of meaning in the work and it provides effortless quality control while demanding new standards.